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Another experience of transition management with human & digital

[PARTNER CONTENT] The interim management market arrived in France in the 2000s to meet a need for agility in managerial functions in companies. Since then, it has structured itself and has overcome growth gaps with past crises in particular. Over time and assignments, managers have demonstrated their ability to intervene in many strategic contexts (development operations, growth and transformation plans) to strengthen top and middle management teams. The company capitalizes on the sharp know-how and strategic vision of managers to breathe new life into their organization. It is also a simple solution for replacing a manager or accessing expertise that is immediately available when this skill is not available internally. To find out more about this rapidly changing market, we spoke with Anthony Baron, CEO of Adequancy.

How is the Transition Management market structured?

The French interim management market represents approximately €450 million with growth of 13.6% per year (Xerfi 2019 study).

France is still far behind certain European countries which exceed €1 billion (UK, Germany, Netherlands) or even the United States where the proportion of self-employed people is around 30% in companies with a tendency to rising to exceed 50% in 2025 (source).

And at the same time, around a hundred players operate in France. It is a market that is increasingly fragmented in the face of growing demand from companies looking for agility and flexibility in the management of their managerial resources (43% of companies are new customers according to France Transition) . In practice, interim management companies have had to structure themselves in their knowledge of interim managers to meet customer responsiveness requirements.

There is also a steady increase in the number of interim managers. The profession, due to its positive image with companies, is becoming more and more attractive. It constitutes an alternative of choice in the evolution of the career of a senior executive.

What are the most requested missions by companies?

Another interim management experience with human & digital

Requests from our clients increased sharply in 2021. 80% of assignments today relate to transformation, development and growth.

In a context of shortage of material supplies, there are many demands on the supply chain and industrial issues around productivity. In these markets, the aim is to better address customers, through better management of flows but also via CSR by rethinking purchasing and sourcing in terms of quality and responsibility. For more than a year, companies have been trying to win back their customers and gain market share by implementing an omnichannel strategy that involves improving customer knowledge and deploying digitalization at the process & tools.

All functions are concerned: HR, Finance, Purchasing, Logistics, Commerce & Marketing, etc

Given the low volume of corporate restructuring, particularly with state aid, the missions linked to General Management are now involved in strengthening governance and alongside the Chairman to accelerate the transformation of their activity.

How does Adequancy contribute to market transformation?

Our ambition is to democratize the use of interim management, not only in an educational way, but also by offering more transparency and interactions.

This is why we were the pioneers in the introduction of the platformization and digitalization of the offer to accelerate the evangelization of interim management and thus make these high-level managers more accessible.

Why did you create specialized platforms by function? How does it work?

We have developed an ecosystem of 10 online platforms specialized by function (DG, HR, Finance, Logistics, Purchasing, etc.) to meet the needs for speed, simplicity, direct access to expertise and transparency. It is a real service available 24/7.

On the one hand, we offer high visibility to interim managers and a sense of belonging to a community. It is a question of presenting the profiles of the managers, their background and experience, their availability as well as the amount of their fees. But also to regularly animate cells of expertise around the current and future concerns of companies in order to share the fruit of these reflections with as many people as possible.

On the other hand, we facilitate access to expertise while creating synergies between business leaders.

In concrete terms, customers and business leaders select the targeted function and enter their criteria into a search engine. They thus discover a selection of interim managers corresponding to their search. We then ensure the relationship between the client and the selected managers.

8,000 interim managers are currently registered on our digital ecosystem, 43% of whom are women, 150 new members register each month.

What place for human support?

Understanding a need, identifying soft skills and weak signals, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and managers… human support is essential in our business.

In an omnichannel approach, we offer an enhanced experience: digital via platforms as well as human resources and advice for clients who wish to directly delegate the management of their research to our teams.

You should also know that one out of two missions is undertaken without an intermediary, via the network of managers. For the other party, it is therefore a question of intervening in a reactive way, of supporting the client and the manager from start to finish. Our mission ends as soon as that of the interim manager ends.

What is your news in the field of interim management?

During the crisis, we brought together a team of 20 experts, executives and interim managers in industry and services. In the form of a working group, we tried to respond to the problems of the leaders to overcome the crisis. How to manage the rest after the end of state aid? What will be the profile of the company of tomorrow? How to project your organization into the next world? To share these lines of thought, we conducted online conferences (+1,500 participants) and synthesized these exchanges in an Adequancy white paper, "Projecting yourself into the company of tomorrow" (download by clicking here).

We have also created the “Experience” system based on 3 pillars: testimonials from our interim managers to enhance their expertise; a radio podcast Les Afters de la Transformation© to give leaders a voice on the transformations carried out; and conferences with the intervention of personalities from the economic and business world in order to share best practices and support our interim managers in their positioning on the market.

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