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What the cutest dog in the world

quel est le chien le plus mignon du monde

With the growth of photos and videos on the Internet, animals have become real stars. Between their rubbish, their heroic actions, their loving reactions, there is no shortage of opportunities to highlight them.

Among them, dogs have a prominent place. Their love rating continues to grow, and some of them even have their own account on the most used applications!

But while beauty remains a very subjective notion, some species are more popular than others.

« Trop craquant », « trop chou », « adorable »… Les qualificatifs sont nombreux pour parler des chiens. Et il existe tellement de races différentes qu’il est difficile de déterminer quels chiens sont les plus mignons. Mais si on s’en réfère à leur popularité, certains compagnons à 4 pattes sortent tout de même du lot, quel est le chien le plus mignon du monde.

With its pretty round head, small size and cheerful look, the Maltese beef is the perfect pet.

If these white hairs require daily brushing, they are very soft and give it an elegant look.

His eyes, quite sensitive, are very expressive. The baby even seems to feel the emotions of his masters. He is able to adapt his behaviour with empathy.

Very easy to live with, healthy and cuddly, the Maltese beef does not like loneliness. In fact, his size is inversely proportional to his courage when it comes to defending those he loves! It is one of the miniature dog breeds.

The Bernese Bouvier

This is a big and beautiful dog that may sound impressive, but it is in fact a model of fidelity and tenderness.

Never aggressive, he is very docile and very calm for such a powerful animal.

His intelligence allows him to adapt to everyone, from the youngest to the senior.

He is sometimes criticized for being a little sticky, because he often demands signs of affection. Besides, he hates brutality and needs a gentle upbringing.

Very protective, like the Labrador, it is an ideal dog to accompany visually impaired people. His physical abilities and obedience make him an excellent ally in civil protection.

The carlin

Real little clown, the carlin is really cute. If it does not meet the standards of canine beauty, its globular eyes, flattened snout and small wrinkles make it an irresistible face.

Very endearing, sometimes even sticky, this little companion is quite unsporty. He much prefers NAPs with his master, whom he loves more than anything, than long walks.

The carlin aime tout le monde, même si, dans son cœur, personne ne peut détrôner son maître. Il est également aimé de tous, et notamment des enfants qu’il amuse beaucoup avec ses ronronnements et ses ronflements.

Known for having a fairly fragile state of health, it is important to take good care of him.

Mais attention à son regard doux et parfois soucieux. The carlin sait aussi se montrer entêté !

The cockapoo

From the intersection of a cocker and a poodle, orchestrated by man in the 60's, the cockapoo was born. From this genetic mixture, he inherited, among other things, a fairly long, curly hair and a very docile character.

Although its breed has not yet been officially recognized, the cockapoo is a lovely and very sociable dog. Very affectionate, he can share the lives of everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.

With a great intelligence and a particularly cheerful nature, he loves to attract attention and does not hesitate to do the show.

His health is pretty fragile. To maintain it, the cockapoo requires physical activity, regular walks and quality food.

The Labrador

It's hard to dethrone the Labrador in the hearts of many families! In fact, who has never fallen for these little little balls of hairs a little paddle by being a puppy, who become a faithful and docile companion as they grow up?

This homemaker, who can't stand loneliness enough, is as cute when he's a baby as he is when he's grown up.

Affectionate, playful, dynamic and jovial, he is adored by children as well as parents.

Of medium size, robust, and sociable with everyone, he is also intelligent, courageous, patient … All of its qualities make it an excellent companion and a perfect guide dog.

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