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“Artisanal bakeries are looking for staff: more than 21,000 jobs are to be filled!» - Interview with the National Confederation of the French Bakery

Is the bakery-pastry sector a recruiting sector? What are the hiring forecasts for 2022?

"It's even a sector of activity in tension! There are a lot of vacancies. Artisanal bakeries are looking for staff. More 21,000 positions are to be filled in the sector, which represents the 33,000 bakeries in France.2,500 sales assistants, 8,200 bakers and 10,600 pastry chefs (source Pôle Emploi).The lack of staff is a recurring problem that affects all crafts food, but it seems to have increased with the health crisis.

We need to train more than the 24,000 young people registered in apprenticeships and to attract new candidates, we must communicate on the strengths of the profession, and show that the profession has changed.

Note: many improvements related to working conditions, modern premises, some air-conditioned, many tools have been designed to avoid hardship as much as possible. Added to this is the guarantee of employment and the assurance of being able to take over a bakery. A solution to this shortage could come in part from increasing conversions.

And in recent years, the bakery profession has also become more feminine, with 30% of girls in training."

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Being a baker is not just about getting up every day at 2 a.m. to shape your bread. So what does this job really consist of?

"The baker's job is rich. It has several dimensions, the craftsmanship, the French tradition baguette and all the other breads, pastries, catering baker, pastry In the villages, the bakery maintains social ties.

Above all, it is necessary to dust off the image of a profession that suffers from many prejudices: changing the pace of work and taking employees into account are essential. A large number of bakeries close on weekends. We also have a very protective collective agreement and a mutual that has nothing to envy to that of large companies.

Success must be valued: base salaries are above the minimum wage. There is also the possibility of rapid development, to rise in excellence by working in prestigious hotels for example. In the bakery, you can succeed!

The baker's equipment has undergone profound modernization: today, manual gestures have been partially replaced by mechanical kneaders, electronic proofing chambers and programmable ovens, which considerably lightens the baker's task and has made his less restrictive schedules. Admittedly, the first batch is always early in the morning to satisfy customer demand...These new techniques make it possible to produce several batches per day (from 3 to 10 depending on the number of customers) in order to meet customer needs throughout the day.