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What formalities to bring back your car from Dubai?

What formalities to bring back your car from Dubai?

How to import a car registered in Dubai? What formalities? This question is addressed to French expatriates who wish to leave Dubai, or on the occasion of a purchase. In both cases, it is possible to bring your car back from Dubai, but under certain conditions.

The regulations are quite strict whether on the side of France or Dubai. To avoid any errors liable to a fine, read this guide carefully to begin your process!

French expatriates in Dubai: bring your car back to France?

If you decide to return to France after living in Dubai, it is quite possible to bring your vehicle back. On the one hand, it is compulsory to drive with a car registered in France under penalty of collecting a fine of 135 euros.

The registration of the vehicle allows you to travel all the roads of France and the whole of the territory in a legal way. To do this, certain steps must be taken, but there are subtleties depending on the country of origin of the vehicle concerned. Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates, a country outside the European zone. This operation is a little more complex and often requires the intervention of a professional.

However, it should be noted that import costs are relatively high. In the case of a purchase, the amount is often included in the package. But if you are having financial difficulties, consider reselling your vehicle before leaving Dubai.

If you are a French expatriate in Dubai and the legal owner of the vehicle (your name on the gray card), you will be liable for a customs tax of 10%. Contrary to what one may hear, you will not have to pay VAT for the importation of your vehicle.

As you will see later in this guide, the formalities are similar and in general there are few differences. Your approach concerns only the repatriation of your vehicle, and not a purchase or resale abroad.

Buying a car in Dubai, how to import it into France?

To import a vehicle from Dubai or the Emirates, the steps are more or less the same, but again, call on a professional.

Importing a vehicle from Dubai: what cost?

First thing to know, there is not yet an agreement between the European Union and the United Arab Emirates. In the absence of an economic partnership, a customs tax is applicable on the value of the vehicle purchased in Dubai, accompanied by VAT charges. In other words, you will have to pay 10% customs taxes + 20% French VAT added to the price of the vehicle to import it from Dubai.

Quelles formalités pour ramener sa voiture de Dubaï ?

On average, import costs by sea vary between €1,500 and €2,000 including marine insurance and freight. Also take into consideration the port fees, the amount of which varies between €1,000 and €1,500. These repatriation costs by sea are also to be taken into account if you are a French expatriate leaving Dubai.

Compliance of the vehicle purchased in Dubai

Another step that should not be overlooked is vehicle compliance. It is a mandatory procedure proven by obtaining a European certificate of conformity. If the vehicle does not comply, it will have to be approved to obtain the precious sesame.

If your vehicle is European, the procedure is simplified. Few changes or modifications are to be made to the vehicle and only an RTI (Isolated Title Acceptance) can be requested by the DREAL. However, it is likely that the identification plate requested by the DREAL is in Arabic, if necessary, contact the manufacturer.

If the brand is not European, full approval is required for the vehicle to be compliant. Following this, you will obtain the European certificate of conformity.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to notify the tax authorities of the arrival of your vehicle on French territory, within 15 days. For this, please present the few documents listed below:

If the vehicle is purchased second-hand, a non-tax clearance will be given to you to be exempt from taxes, this document is given free of charge. For new vehicles, VAT is required.

How to register a vehicle from Dubai?

All in all, it is possible to import a vehicle from Dubai. Whether it's a purchase or a car you own, the formalities are the same. Now let's move on to the registration process.

To register a vehicle in France and coming from Dubai, it is necessary to gather a very precise list of documents:

Once all these documents have been submitted and the procedure completed, a few other formalities must be carried out to finalize your file. As an applicant for a French Carte Grise, you must prove that you are the owner and main driver of the vehicle.

For this, it is necessary to be in possession of a driving license adapted to the category of the vehicle concerned, as well as insurance. Generally, these supporting documents are not requested, a sworn statement is sufficient. Then, you will proceed to the payment of the amount of the gray card by bank card.

Once the payment has been successfully made, you will receive a file number, an acknowledgment of registration request, and the provisional certificate of registration. Please note that this document must always be in your possession in the event of a roadside check until you receive the gray card.

The new gray card is received by post, and in a secure envelope. As for the delay, it can really vary. Some people receive their gray card in a few days, a week or even a month. In the case of importing and registering foreign vehicles, you are likely to wait a little longer.

What are the formalities to be carried out from Dubai?

By going through a professional, you have nothing to do. Many companies handle all vehicle import procedures from the Emirates. Some companies are established in France, and others operate directly in the UAE territory. Moreover, you will be more likely to call on a professional when buying a new vehicle in the United Arab Emirates, no action will be required on your part, except the delivery of certain official documents.

If you buy a used vehicle from an individual, be careful. Fraudulent documents exist everywhere, so do not hesitate to present the car to a professional. Ideally, turn to a manufacturer or a garage approved by the brand of the vehicle.

Also beware of companies with enticing offers. Even if the value of cars is more interesting in Dubai, do not fall into certain traps. For budgetary reasons, it is very easy to turn to interesting proposals!

However, there are no specific formalities to be carried out in Dubai. However, whether you are a future former expatriate or not, plan well in advance. Do not hesitate to move to obtain more information, sometimes it can be case by case. In any case, take advantage of your few days in Dubai to also discover the city, the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, do the Dubai zip line above the city and the buildings or even discover the desert at the gates of the city. These are activities that you can easily combine with a trip to purchase a vehicle.

Import a vehicle by air

Importing a vehicle from Dubai and by air is quite expensive. Although the travel time is considerably faster, the budget should not be ignored. Generally, vehicles are stored in ultra-secure cargo in the event of turbulence. Although this can be the case by sea, it is more risky by plane.

If this option interests you, take the time to find out more. If you have the sufficient budget to use this means of transport, do not hesitate and go for it. But again, it would be a good idea to contact a professional to arrange the import of your car.

I hope you liked this article and that it was able to inform you at best. Although it may seem complex, do not hesitate to contact the French administrative authorities. From one vehicle model to another, there are various regulations!


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