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What are the best French sites for selling CBD online?

by Laura Rigoleta

CBD is an increasingly popular product in France. The fact that it is legal on French territory encourages many people to consume it in different forms. In this article, we will present some online CBD sales sites that are worth checking out.

Beware of CBD sales sites that offer their products at too low prices

The marketing of CBD in France is a phenomenon that is still new because it has not been legalized only for a short time. However, this nascent industry is still not very well regulated. Moreover, business leaders marketing CBD products do not have enough experience in the field and often choose poor quality grains. This is also the case of certain companies marketing e-cigarettes which have switched their activity towards the production of CBD-based products, as soon as the European Court of Justice has legalized CBD. These companies certainly have experience in the field of e-cigarettes, but not necessarily with regard to the choice of CBD, the regulations, and the quality of CBD-based products. This may lead to the sale of potentially dangerous products.

This is also the case when it comes to buying CBD products online. It's easy to start an online business and showcase products in a way that sells them as quickly as possible. It is for this reason that scams are increasingly present on CBD sales sites.

Reliable online CBD sales sites

In this part, we will present three online CBD sales sites considered to be reliable and secure.

Green Hexagon

What are the best French sites for sale of CBD online?

Hexagone Vert is a company that has been marketing CBD since 2016. Hexagone Vert is the founding company of the medical cannabis association. In terms of delivery, the Hexagone Vert website ensures deliveries in less than 48 hours throughout France. This website is French, while its shipping site is in the Czech Republic. Remember, this country is known for its experience in the cultivation of therapeutic hemp. As a result, Hexagone Vert offers quality CBD-based products, as well as good references.


Naturicious is a CBD giant. It has several stores in several cities and countries, such as:

The Naturicious site offers 7 languages, which allows better accessibility. In addition, the delivery of Naturicious products is free throughout France. Moreover, its products are highly rated on the Internet and have a good reputation in several parts of the world. Finally, Naturicious provides its customers with a CBD dose calculator and a catalog rich in products.

CBD is a product known to be quite expensive, which leads people who sell it to opt for volume sales of low-quality products. The Kilograms company is not in this perspective, it prefers to buy expensive products to sell quality products, even if this limits its sales catalog. Its motto is to sell a so-called responsible CBD, which is not the case for all stores.

Advantages of buying CBD online

Buying CBD online encourages many people to take the plunge, as it has a number of advantages, such as:

Various product offerings

Online stores offer a wide variety of products, often presented with a detailed product sheet. This allows the customer to have access to this information and therefore to be well informed about:

Shopping easily

CBD stores are not present in all areas. It is for this reason that the purchase of CBD on the Internet is interesting. Indeed, in a few clicks, a customer will find everything he needs, without having to travel too far from his home. This will save him time and money.

Home delivery

Today, the vast majority of online CBD stores offer their customers delivery services not exceeding 48 hours, on French territory.

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