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Wanteeed promo code extension test and review! guides you to improve your purchasing power. As such, we discovered a tool called Wanteeed. Wanteeed is a free extension via Google Chrome that allows you to automatically apply a promo code during an online purchase on an e-commerce website. The editorial team has tested this extension and gives you its opinion on it!

Testing the extension

We were therefore attracted by this new innovative tool in terms of promo codes and we hastened to test the Wanteeed extension.

Wanteeed works very simply. When the extension is installed on your browser and you make an online purchase, if available, a promo code is applied to your cart to reduce the amount of your order.

To be remunerated, Wanteeed practices affiliation. That is to say that Wanteeed receives a commission when you buy a product or service on an e-commerce website paid by the latter. Wanteeed is a partner of the websites for which it references and applies the promo codes.

The Wanteeed extension installs quickly in two clicks and is positioned on the right of your browser.

You must then activate the extension by entering your details.

Once in place, the tool automatically activates when you arrive on the billing page.

Let's test Wanteeed in real conditions!

We filled our shopping cart on Sephora and went to the billing stage.

When you activate the Wanteeed extension, a promo code application process begins for about thirty seconds.

Result no promo code valid on the Sephora site via Wanteeed. So we searched the web and we found a promo code on the Le Figaro site of -25% valid for its part…

If no promo code is activated, Wanteeed asks for your email address to offer you a certain amount of reimbursement for your purchase on the store. This is the cashback process accessible to all Internet users.

Second attempt.

We filled our basket on the website and went to the billing page.

The Wanteeed extension does not offer coupon codes for this store. extension review!

The Wanteeed extension is interesting but the offer of promo codes is not exhaustive and is limited to certain e-commerces which are partners of Wanteeed. During our various tests, we were able to benefit from more or less attractive promo codes on certain e-commerces applied automatically by wanteeed.

However, by searching on other websites specializing in promo codes, we were able to find promo codes offering greater discounts than those applied automatically by Wanteeed.

Wanteeed can therefore make you miss out on savings despite its activation and is currently limited in terms of the number of partners and therefore the number of promo codes. The Wanteeed extension cannot logically concentrate all the promo codes distributed by brands and e-merchants on the web. Indeed, some brands distribute exclusive promo codes to certain partners. Promo codes that are not referenced by Wanteeed. Wanteeed therefore offers a convenient but limited service for applying coupon codes.

Wanteeed can be used by people who don't want to waste time searching for promo codes. For Internet users looking for the best promotional codes distributed on the web, the good old method of research on several Internet sites will potentially offer you more interesting promotional opportunities to lower the price of your order.

Another solution, install Wanteeed in your browser and check if you can't find other more attractive promo codes on the promo code websites before finalizing your purchase.

And you, have you already tested the Wanteeed app?

What is your opinion on Wanteeed?

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