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The richest man in the world is an iron lady

This year, the richest woman in the world may well be Australian. Indeed, 2012 got off to a good start for Georgina Rinehart, Australia's first fortune, who, thanks to a simple signature at the bottom of a contract, has just doubled her assets. By selling at the beginning of February to the steel group South Korean Posco 15% of one of the iron ore deposits it owns in the northwest of the country, the one the whole country calls Gina pocketed a check for 1.2 billion euros. In addition to the fact that this sale adds to his personal kitty, it makes it possible to value the remaining 85% at nearly 7 billion euros. Now at the head of more than 17 billion euros and knowing that the Australian multi-billionaire still has three gigantic deposits in the region that are just waiting to find their operators, its capital could swell from 18 to 25 billion additional euros. in the coming months depending on the demand for ore and the evolution of world prices.

A fortune multiplied by ten in six years

The richest man in the world is an iron lady

Nothing to turn the head of this West Australian, who also owns several coal wells in Queensland as well as holdings in various Australian media and has been accustomed in recent years to surfing on a mining boom which has multiplied by ten its personal fortune, estimated at less than 2 billion euros in 2006. Lang Hancock, his prospector father, who died in questionable circumstances in 1992, can be proud of his heiress. Not content with being the wealthiest woman in the country, Gina is also soon to be 58 the most powerful. To the point of defeating the Prime Ministers of the country as in June 2010, when she took the head of the Australian mining lobby to get rid of Kevin Rudd, the former head of federal government, guilty of wanting to impose a mining tax of which she and her friends do not want.

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