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Life expectancy, calculation in human years: knowing everything about your dog's age

Adopting a dog implies a number of responsibilities.It is important to find out about your lifespan.Indeed, an adoption is a long -term commitment and knowing the average duration of the life of your future dog can help make a decision.

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Dog life expectancy

Like that of man, the average life expectancy of dogs increases.The average life for a dog is 11 years, all breeds combined.

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But dogs are not all equal in the face of aging.Some have a shorter life expectancy and others longer, and can thus live from 7 to 20 years.

Some dog breeds are known to have a longer life expectancy, such as:

Conversely, certain breeds of dogs are known to live less than the average: this is the case of the Bernese bouvier and the Bulldog which has an average life expectancy of 7 years.

This breed criterion also makes it possible to find that small dogs generally live longer than large dogs.Small live on average 15 years, while this average is 10 years for large.

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In addition to size, certain breeds of dogs are known to have predispositions to certain hereditary diseases, linked in particular to the crossing of their genetic lines.

This is the case of the Rottweiler and the Golden Retriever, which are subject to generalized progressive retinal atrophy, also called the progressive retinal degeneration.This eye disease can lead to a total loss of vision.

What are the factors that influence the life expectancy of dogs?

The life expectancy of a dog depends on several very variable factors.

Espérance de vie, calcul en années humaines : tout savoir sur l'âge de votre chien

Food: a dog nourished with quality food adapted to its age, race and weight, will tend to be less exposed to various disorders, including overweight and diabetes.

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Physical activity: practicing physical activity is essential for your dog's well-being.She can avoid overweight and many diseases, especially cardiovascular.But not all dogs have the same needs in terms of physical activity.Certain breeds of dogs require daily physical exercises when others are content with a simple walk.

Veterinary care: a dog followed regularly with a veterinarian will live on average longer.Indeed, protecting your animal by an annual vaccination and regular administration of antiparasitaires makes it possible to anticipate certain pathologies and diseases.

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Sterilization: sterilizing or castrating your dog helps reduce certain diseases (cancer), and the spread of infectious diseases and viruses.In addition to improving the health of our companions, sterilization concretely prolongs their lifespan.

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How to calculate his dog's human age?

According to a popular belief, to calculate the human age of his dog, it would be necessary to multiply his age by 7.This belief is actually false, the age of the dog does not follow a linear curve in relation to human age.

As in many animals, the period of adolescence takes place much faster than in humans.Indeed, the first year, the dog grows fifteen times fifteen times than man.

It is estimated, all races combined, that a dog lives on average 11 years.However, this estimate varies depending on the size of the dog.

Here is a summary table to convert your dog's age into human age according to its size:

Âge chienÂge humain pour un petit chienÂge humain pour un chien moyenÂge humain pour un grand chien

Adopting an animal engages you is a decision that you will have to think about.Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the refuge closest to you before you start.They will be able to give you their advice on the breed of dogs that will suit you best.

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