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Embroidery ideas to personalize your Converse

Embroidery ideas to personalize your Converse

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Je certifie ne pas envoyer d'e-mail indésirablePour customiser ses Converse préférées, redonner vie à une ancienne paire, rendre son modèle unique, on brode ses baskets ! Découvrez des idées de broderie pour rendre vos Converse uniques !

Since the 1920s, Converse has gone through generations by retaining their popularity!These legendary sneakers have reinvented themselves over time to adapt to fashion trends.Today, make way for embroidery, and homemade customization!

Converse, an iconic basketball to personalize

Textile paint, ribbons, accessories ... There are many ways to customize your shoes.But the trend is now embroidery, especially on our converses, this iconic model that we all have in our dressings!The Converse brand has also released a few models of sneakers already decorated with embroidery.We can thus find in store white or black converse with cosmic and flowery patterns, battery in the era of time, sold between 80 and 100 €.But to give a second life to his old pair which drags in the closet or customizing his latest shopping shopping, we go out son and needle to give even more personality to his converse and make them really unique!

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How to embroider your Converse?

Very trendy to customize jeans or t-shirts, embroidery has the advantage of being a more resistant method than paint or markers! And no need to be a needle pro to embroider its converse. If we start, we opt for a heart on the side, small flowers around the logo, a small symbol that will be easy and fairly quick to make. You can draw the pattern on the shoe with a pencil or a fine felt before going back with its wire. For the most expert, we put on a nice floral composition, a message embroidery at the back of the shoe, flowery patterns that cover the converse ... Even if the main thing in this manual activity is to have patience! For equipment, you will simply need a needle, embroidery and possibly a small drum that allows you to keep the tight fabric well. We will find everything in haberdashery, but you can also buy a small kit for beginners on the internet.

Des idées de broderies pour personnaliser ses Converse

Need inspiration?Discover ideas for patterns identified on Pinterest to embroider on converses!

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Personalize your converse with flowery embroidery


A little heart embroidered on his pair of converse


Colorful flower embroidery to customize its converse


Flowers embroidered around the converse logo


Flowers embroidered for converse girly


A Girl Power pattern to adorn his converse


Flower embroidery


Yellow flowers around the brand logo


Lavender in embroidery for a touch of purple on his pair


Small flowers all over the shoe


Pink Floyd embroidery, for Converse Rock


A Harry Potter pattern embroidered for witchcraft fans


A Marguerite motif for spring converse


An rainbow pattern


Flowers on the side of the Converse


Flowers embroidered on a colored model for an elegant combo


A embroidered floral ensemble


A message embroidery for unique converse

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